Herd of Scottish Highland Cows (Facebook - Marlo Paju)

Jan 13, 2016 2:44 PM

Cows come home: NH farmer finally corrals 16 wandering cows months after repeated escapes


SULLIVAN - A herd of cattle on the "mooove" for several months in the Sullivan and Swanzey area have been captured and corralled.

The farmer, Marlo Paju, posted on Facebook that the ordeal began in August 2015.

The Highland Cattle herd began breaching the fence around their pastures and wandering onto neighbors’ property. The farmer said he continued to repair the fence, but the heifers just kept escaping "looking for greener pastures.”

Neighbors began to formally complain in the fall, and he even received a "disorderly conduct" summons from N.H. State Police for the roaming cows.

With the help of friends, the farmer was able to coral six of the 16 cows in October.

The remaining members of the herd were brought to safety this week by another man.

Its gives new meaning to the phrase "'til the cows come home," huh?

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