Jul 14, 2016 6:32 PM

Controversial Candidates Part 2: Past arrests could affect future NH bids

CONCORD- This week we showed you controversial candidates who use their businesses to voice their shocking opinions.

Dozens of people from all backgrounds are looking for your vote to hold a seat in New Hampshire government

Tonight we introduce you to some of the more controversial candidates that want to represent you.

"I think New Hampshire would be better off without the United States," said Ian Freeman who is running on the Democratic ticket for governor. He was part of the Free State Project which is an effort to get libertarians to move to New Hampshire, but the group cut ties after hearing his views that there should be no age of consent.

"Why is it one number versus another number in another place? It's just politicians making an arbitrary decision about when someone can make a choice."

Freeman also faces questions about the FBI's confiscation of computers inside the property he lives.

"Those computers accessing a child porn site, came from this IP address," he explained, while denying that he was the person who was accessing those websites.

Other interactions with law enforcement include instigating local police and catching it on camera.

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Max Abramson of Seabrook has admitted to having a turbulent relationship with house speaker, Shawn Jasper.

"Jasper's probably the most corrupt politician in all of Concord and that's saying a lot," said Abramson. "I'd say he's worse than Hassan. I've been to a couple of republican events and they sneer at him. They hate the guy."

Abramson has faced questions after he was found guilty in 2012 of one felony count of reckless conduct for shooting a firearm during a party at his home.

"I've had several people come forward and tell me this was just retaliation for me speaking out."

Abramson said he feels there are too many corrupt police, especially in Seabrook.

Derek Webb of Epping who's running as a republican for State Representative has also voice his opinion on corruption.

"More than likely the girl, even if it's a false police report or statement, the court and the system is obviously unfortunately going to favor, with all due respect, with a female," Webb said.

He plead guilty to charges of criminal threatening. His ex-girlfriend claims that Webb threatened to "rip your house apart and burn it down with you and your family in it."

"I don't want to get too heavy into that because the legal matters are over, but my ex had accused me of committing an act of criminal threatening."

Webb most recently started an online petition for Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted for the Benghazi email scandal. While he and many others are beginning their political careers in the first in the nation state, they have high hopes for 2016 and beyond.

"I'll publicly announce and tell you right now," Webb said, "One day I do mentally seem to plan on seeking presidency of the United States."

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