Jul 13, 2016 12:27 PM

Controversial Candidates Part 1: Business mixed with opinion causes heated reaction

CONCORD - Some outspoken candidates for N.H. political offices have displayed some shocking behavior and use their business to express their views. They are candidates who want your vote to hold a seat in New Hampshire government and represent you.

Michael Gill is a name you have likely heard in headlines over the years.

"The AG's [Attoney General's] office is a cover up," he said in one of his videos uploaded to YouTube. "If I'm wrong, show me I'm wrong."

Gill, a Derry resident, is the business owner of Mortgage Loans specialist, with multiple locations across the state. He’s running as an independent for governor.

In 2014, he began using his business signage to sound off about his concerns about government, claiming the family court system to be "failing."

This year, Gill again targeted people in government. With controversial name calling - and even profanity - his commentary was directed at many, including Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte.

He also took jabs at business leaders, who are now suing him for defamation.

His personal life has also been in the news after being jailed for contempt of court during a hearing on his divorce.

"It's freedom of speech, I'm going to keep running them," Gill said of his signs after many residents complained about his flashing sign on South Willow Street in Manchester, where thousands of cars pass each day.

Tom Alciere of Hudson is running for U.S. Senate on the Republican ticket. He, too, has faced criticism for how he uses his business.

He posts voter information with names, addresses, social security numbers, birthdays - all only a click away on his websites.

"The websites get a lot of traffic; I have bills to pay," Alciere said, defending his decision to post personal - and what some consider dangerous - information. "People visit the websites, and I get money."

Alciere claims that he will take down information by request, but admits there are flaws.

"There have been a few glitches," he said. "Mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing technically.

"I wing it. I don't put it behind a pay wall because I don't know how to do that," Alciere said when pressed about the issues people have complained about.

His websites have caused a lot of uproar across the country, but that's not the only reason he faces criticism. The former N.H. State Representative resigned after coming under fire in 2001 for using the internet to sound off about law enforcement. In one post on his website, he said, "Nobody will ever be safe until the last cop is dead."

The hot-button topic is something that came up in the interview

"They use gun-toting goons in bullet proof vests to intimidate," he said.

Alciere wants to see public schooling abolished, and cut most government programs.

His son Louis, a recent high school graduate, is also hoping for a seat in Concord. He is running as a state representative in Hillsborough District 37.

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