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Jun 14, 2017 3:39 PM

Concord man who allegedly stabbed, killed woman held without bail

CONCORD — A New Hampshire judge ruled that a Concord man suspected of stabbing a woman to death in May would be held without bail after his hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Daswan Jette, 20 of Concord, was in court Wednesday for a probable cause and bail hearing about the details surrounding the alleged murder of Sabrina Galusha, 23 of Concord.

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Concord Police Detective Wade Brown gave a testimony to the circumstances and details of the incident.

According to Brown's account, the defendant, Jette, had asked one of Sabrina's friends Samuel for marijuana. Brown stated, "He wanted 14 grams, a half-ounce, of marijuana and Samuel basically said he was in Concord and [...] agreed to meet the defendant."

Brown said that Samuel arrived at 36 Pinehurst St., Penacook Place Apartment complex, in Concord where Jette lived with his girlfriend. He allegedly went with Sabrina and two other friends to sell the drugs to Jette.

According to Brown, the defendant got in the backseat of the car and told Sabrina to weigh the marijuana on a scale he brought with him. When Sabrina put the bag on the scale, Jette grabbed it and ran out of the car back to the entrance way of his apartment building, Brown added.

Brown said Jette supposedly dropped his keys on the way to the locked door in the vestibule and was confronted by Sabrina and Samuel. "They asked [Jette] a few times [for the marijuana], and at one point he basically produced a knife, waved it around, and threatened to stab them," Brown continued.

"He was saying, 'I'm gonna stab you,'" Brown stated. "Samuel pushed the defendant [Jette] and told Sabrina and Madison [their friend who followed after them] to run. All three ran from the vestibule back to the car."

According to the testimony from Brown, the defendant chased after the group and "Sabrina was not able to get her door closed before [Jette] got to the car."

Brown said, "the defendant held the door open, made what [her friends] thought were punching motions at Sabrina, specifically at her chest, and then they realized he had a knife in his hand."

Sabrina was screaming and saying she was being stabbed the entire time, Brown stated.

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According to Brown, Samuel eventually pushed Jette out of the car and they were able to escape, but Sabrina had stab wounds in her buttocks, left knee and the left side of her upper chest. Reports stated that blood covered the entire backseat of the car, especially the seat behind the driver's where Sabrina was attacked.

The autopsy ruled the chest wound was the fatal stab that pierced Sabrina's heart.

After Brown gave the account of the events and was cross-examined by the defendant's lawyers, the Merrimack Superior Court judge decided to hold Jette without bail.

The judge also ruled that the State of NH met the requirements to go to trial because the detective's testimony provided enough evidence for probable cause.

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