Sep 18, 2014 6:58 AM

Common Core Math Agonistes

Another innovative endeavor by dumb educators that will almost certainly fail, as Greg Gutfield entertainingly demonstrates. The way common core math is being taught is stupid.

Meanwhile, other countries are far, far ahead of us relying on older methods, tools, books, and instruction.

Parapundit agrees, giving another video how dumbed-down math instruction is, well, stupid. I'm convinced the desire is to close the racial gaps in educational achievement by lowering everyone to a common denominator.

This commentator agrees, saying,

The incentive structure for the Education-Industrial Establishment is fairly clear. It will be very difficult to get tenure by trying to publish "duh" research that confirms that an oft-used traditional method is effective. It will be much easier to win by submitting exciting manuscripts that prove that some new, Blank-Slate-friendly scheme propels students to new heights while promoting diversity and closing the gap.
Personal note. I don't even bother to help my two older sons with their math homework. I usually can't understand what they're supposed to do or how they're supposed to go about doing it. Relying on the way I did it--and I took Calculus I, Calculus II, multivariable calculus, and differential equations--I am frequently told I can't do it that way.

So I gave my wife the ultimatum: let's homeschool or provide a traditional text for the school to use. Well, we just can't afford it and she's too timid to agree. And the teacher of the seventh-grader is notorious for her dubious tact to let the students fend for themselves, rushing off at the end of the school to assist in some athletic event or other. (This teacher is unpopular with parents but not so with administration.) One of the parents, after a meeting with the principal and this teacher--who had been giving his daughter failing math grades, even though she is extremely intelligent and conscientious--ditched the public school for St. Paul's in Concord.

The local school board wanted to find out why families such as this one are bailing on a school that has the second highest per pupil in the state. It's easy. Just like the Lansing Oldsmobile plant producing crap vehicles in the seventies, there are workers who should be fired but can't be, since they are protected by the union.

In fact the sounds the school's buzzers and PA system make remind me of the old Oldsmobile plant. The same look, feel, and sound. If public education wasn't such a massive jobs program--illustrating on a large scale the truth of public choice theory--we'd be much further down the road of what the conservative Heritage Foundation and liberal Brookings Institution both agreed on as far back as 1989 as the way to go: vouchers.


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