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Oct 24, 2016 9:54 AM

Chinese webcam company pulls devices from market following Dyn attack

A Chinese tech manufacturer is recalling webcams after it has been identified as a manufacturer of one of components of devices with potential ties to the the hacking attack that affected Manchester's Dyn, Inc. last week.

The global high-tech firm called Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology makes components for webcams, and it will be recalling devices sold in the United States, according to Forbes.

The company said the reason the attacks occurred was because users did not change default passwords on affected devices.

The attack Friday affected Internet giants such as Netflix and Twitter.

Internet linked devices such as webcams and printers were told to send junk data to servers operated by Manchester based Dyn, which calls itself an "Internet Performance Management Company," which forced a slowdown or outright shutdown of service.

Several other hardware manufacturers are targets of online discussion about how and why the attack happened. Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology said that it believes its products are well-protected and, "Security issues are a problem facing all mankind. Since industry giants have experienced them, Xiongmai is not afraid to experience them once, too," according to online reports Monday.

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