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Nov 19, 2015 7:59 PM

Changing Families: FDA approves Frankenfish, HUD homeless report scrutinized

Selling genetically modified plants and animals as food has been a controversial topic, but the FDA has just cleared the way for, what some are calling, Frankenfish.

Massachusetts based AquAdvantage salmon has genetically altered salmon to grow twice as fast. It's the first genetically modified animal in the U.S. that the FDA has deemed "safe to eat."

Food-safety activists, environmental groups, the fishing industry and Alaskan lawmakers have long opposed it's approval. Beware, the FDA won’t require food made with the salmon to be labeled. If you want to avoid it, choose wild-caught salmon.

This move by the FDA has left many wondering if this could this open the doors to more GMO animals making it to grocery stores.

HUD released it's homeless report, which estimates the number of homeless people on one night in January.

The report found homelessness in the U.S. this year is down 2-percent on average. Among among veterans homelessness is down 4-percent, but the report shows in New Hampshire homelessness up 5-percent compared to last year.

Some criticize the HUD report, saying it doesn't search hard enough to find the homeless.

In the Department of Education homeless report, more than 1.3-million homeless US children were estimated in the 2013-2014 school year.

That's about ten times the number of homeless children than HUD estimated that year.

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