Nov 26, 2015 11:10 AM

CDC: How long Thanksgiving leftovers should stay in your fridge

Is your favorite part of Thanksgiving knowing that you have lunch and dinner leftovers for the next week?

If so, do you know exactly how many days can you get away with eating those Thanksgiving leftovers before the food is not safe to eat?

According to News 5, eating leftovers five days after they were cooked is unsafe.

If food is stored in plastic bags and refrigerated, five days is the longest time you have to enjoy that turkey or leftover stuffing.

According to the CDC, food poisoning cases are most common in November and December and are heightened due to holiday leftovers.

The CDC recommends refrigerating leftovers below 40 degrees within two hours of preparing it to ensure bacteria does not grow.

If you freeze leftovers, the food can last safely for as long as three to six months.

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