Jul 16, 2016 12:42 PM

California team hunts Bigfoot in Deering

DEERING - A team of California-based enthusiasts is searching for Bigfoot in New Hampshire.

According to the Concord Monitor, Searching for Bigfoot has previously been involved in hoaxes. Now the group has met with a Deering man, Scott Luca, who said he believes Bigfoot roams on his 100-acre property.

The team is led by Tom Biscardi, who claimed he had evidence of Bigfoot in 2008: A corpse he bought for $50,000. The corpse turned out to be a rubber Bigfoot costume filled with the entrails of small animals. Bicardi said he was a victim of a hoax, and that the "body" was frozen in ice when he received it. He said he didn't know it was fake until it thawed, after he had announced his find publicly.

Luca said he saw a group of Bigfoots when he was 12 in a farm field in Bradford. According to Luca, the Bigfoots ripped off the head of a bull that lived on the farm and left when his father threatened them with a gun.

But it is on Deering that Bigfoot hunters are focused. Luca said that after seeing large footprints on his land five years ago, he left a closed pizza box with three slices in the woods, thinking that only Bigfoot would have the dexterity to open the box. When he checked two days later, the pizza box was just as he had left it - except the pizza had been replaced with three pizza-shaped rocks.

On Wednesday, the team left bait of sardines and peanut butter in a closed jar with peanut butter smeared on top. Under cover of night, which is when Bigfoot is supposed to roam, they waited. Nothing appeared, but Luca said they might have scared the animals away by firing guns in the yard earlier that day.

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