Oct 28, 2015 5:55 PM

Behold the Trumpkin: Donald Trump turned into 374-pound piece of fall art

Have you gotten enough of Donald Trump? Or not enough? Clearly Jeanette Paras, the creator of this 374 pound “Trumpkin,” couldn’t.

Paras has been turning massive pumpkins into caricaturized celebrities for over two decades from her home in Dublin, Ohio. Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Bill Clinton and Phil Robertson, from Duck Dynasty, have all been featured on these oversized pumpkins and Trump was next.

Paras told CNN about why she decided to add one of the leading GOP candidates to her pumpkin patch.

“He’s just everywhere,” Paras said to CNN. “There were some other characters under consideration, which I can’t tell you.”

Although Paras has gotten attention for her fall hobby, she claims that it is just that—a hobby.

Paras doesn’t sell her pumpkins, but creates these caricatures for her amusement and others.

“Anything you can do in life that people can enjoy just for a moment is special. It cracks me up so that’s why I do it,” Paras said.

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