Aug 7, 2016 4:09 PM

As severe drought rocks southern NH, local vineyard is doing just fine

CANDIA - It's not all bad news when it comes to the severe drought in Southern New Hampshire. A local vineyard is doing just fine.

"I haven't watered once this year," Bob Dabrowski. owner of Candia Vinyard, said

Dabrowski said that's because deep soil holds water well, acting like a reservoir for the grapes.

"[The grapes are] generally very efficient," he said. "They don't use a lot of nutrients and they don't need a lot of water anyway."

Dabrowski started planting grapes on his land in 1992 and said that this summer is warmer and dryer than most. Other crops such as his garlic and potatoes have needed extra attention.

However, the grapes haven't been completely unaffected by the drought. He thinks harvest will be about a week earlier.

Dabrowski expects to go another week before worrying about lack of rainfall. He admits that they could use some rain though, but so far so good.

"At the moment my vines are not showing any stress," he said.

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