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Aug 8, 2017 2:13 PM

Are you getting popup ads when you visit websites on your phone? Here's how to prevent them

If you are absolutely sick and tired of those constant pop-up advertisements promising trips to Honolulu or $1,000 gift cards to Amazon, then this article can provide relief for those virus-filled pages.

Whether you are an Apple or an Android fan, the following steps will provide solutions in order to prevent those ads from blocking your screen, infecting your device, and disrupting website visits.

These "Congratulations!" and "Infection!" pop-ups (examples pictured below) have caused trouble for a while to NH1 News visitors who utilize Facebook. As you tap on an article to read it through the Facebook app, a mysterious, unexpected message would appear on screen promising money, rewards, or warnings about viruses.



So the first thing to do if one of these pops up on your screen is to avoid clicking it. The pages normally appear benign, sometimes using a blue task bar seen on Facebook to lull visitors into a sense of security. However, once you open the link or select "OK," the malicious nature of the pop-ups reveals itself.

Depending on the advertisement, it could either be an elaborate marketing trick or, even worse, a phishing scam. The marketing tricks normally coerce visitors into "liking" the page and taking a survey, which gathers personal information for more future spam to target you. The more dangerous phishing scams attempt to access your Facebook friends list in order to send fake messages to contacts while pretending to be you.

Now, that advice will help if you already have a pop-up on your screen, but I know what you really want: a solution to prevent the ads at all. Here are the steps necessary for either an Apple or an Android device to fix the issue at its source.


According to Apple help forums, users should first clear your phone's history because ads can stay in the history and continue to reappear through that.

Another possible solution is to install a Safari popup blocker, which can be found online.

Above all, if you see one of these advertisements on your screen, simply resist the urge to click and exit the page. They are malicious, and you will win NO money despite what they say.


For Android devices, the solution has a few more steps that are not too complex.

According to a guide on TrendyAndroid, the first step is to remove the software/app on your phone. You do this by going to settings, opening the app section, and clickign the downloaded tab. Once there, simply delete the "Congratulations" or similar pop-up file.

The second step involves going into the downloaded tab of the app settings again, but this time you will be "force stopping" browsers and clearing data and cookies for them, whether you use Google Chrome, Safari, or another.

The final step should be the easiest. Just restart your device and the problem should be resolved!

Hopefully, these solutions will help make reading articles and navigating the Internet better, and if the problems persist, check out Apple/android support pages for even more in-depth help.

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