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Nov 24, 2015 5:03 PM

After Hamilton, Mass., case - these are warning signs that you have a bad babysitter

A story out of Massachusetts is a reminder for parents of the importance of choosing a good babysitter.

Abigail Hanna is accused of slipping into a Hamilton, Massachusetts home at night and kidnapping a child she had previously babysat.

READ: Babysitter charged with abducting 2-year-old, leaving her naked on side of road held without bail

The 2-year-old was found hours later, alone on the side of the road, naked, with a shaved head and cigarette burns.

This is an extreme case, but experts say parents should always watch for warning signs that a babysitter is not trustworthy.

Child is scared

If your child is scared around your babysitter or cries a lot. those could be a sign of something wrong. Don't confuse this with separation anxiety that a lot of kids experience when mom or dad leaves them.

Withholds information - Ask about their time together. If you feel a babysitter is withholding details it could mean there’s something they're hiding. If they don't engage in regular conversation, and if they don't listen to, or follow, your instructions.

Behavior change

If an outgoing child suddenly becomes clingy and withdrawn or they are especially hungry or sleepy after being under the sitter’s care.

Frequent accidents

If your child experiences frequent accidents that should have been avoided under careful supervision. That's a red flag.

For more tips on how to choose the right babysitter and what questions to ask them before leaving them alone with your child, visit this website.
Click here for information on videoing and monitoring a babysitter in your absence.

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