Apr 5, 2016 7:59 PM

A recovery story inspires many in the Granite State

HUDSON - Addiction has become a focus in the Granite State, capturing international headlines.

As the overdose numbers climb, one story of a recovering alcoholic is inspiring many through her rising music career.

MB Padfield is a 20-year-old musician recently getting recognition all over New England and performing at venues down the East coast. Just a few years ago though, things were very different.

"I was typically blacked out by noon," said MB Padfield in an interview with NH1 News. "My college roommate would just pick me up off the floor and that was just a daily thing."

MB grew up as what she calls a "straight edge," trying to hide her addiction once she started drinking.

"As a parent, you kind of second guess you know?" MB's mom, Rose said. "Did I make a mistake? But, I felt I was armed with a knowledge, like I knew something that she didn't know I knew."

MB said that despite her job as a musician,singing and playing guitar in bars on a nightly basis, her drinking was limited to private settings.

"When I got my secluded alone time, that's when I liked it. It was just like 'Ok, now everything that you're feeling on the inside, you now get to flip right inside out.'"

She's now two years sober.

"The 12-step program is something I wish everyone did. It really digs into your inner workings and what's really going on inside. It's not about the substance; for me, alcohol was the short-term solution and the real problem was me."

MB now shares that self-awareness and music by telling her story at the Process Recovery Center. Although she's lost friends to the disease of addiction, she's gained some through the healing, as well.

"The best thing is I've watched her get light back in her eyes," said her friend Amy Cloutier, who works at the Process Recovery Center and had struggled with addiction herself.

The young musician has made a name for herself. Last month she recorded her first tracks in Los Angeles in the very same studio many of her idols recorded. But she said the most special part of her story is being able to lift others.

"It helps it gets them to see you can achieve any kind of goals no matter how far down you go," said Cloutier. "They're like 'When is MB coming back? when is MB coming back?' They just really connect with her story."

MB's first album "Full throttle baby" soon will be released online and then she plans to go on tour.

For information on her story and show times visit:

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