Jenn Gondek

About me

I'll never forgot the first time I fell in love with rock and metal music. I was in the 4th grade when my parents showed me a video of an Alice Cooper concert. It was a life changing moment. I fell in love with Alice Cooper that night. When most children list their heroes they put their favorite athlete or their parents. For me the answer was always (and still is) Alice Cooper. Alice's music gave me the strength to be myself and was my introduction to all things rock and metal. I am a diehard Guns N' Roses and Type O Negative fan as well. I listen to everything from classic rock to more obscure extreme metal bands. Outside of radio you can find me belly dancing throughout Portland or sitting at home gaming with my boyfriend. I am a big supporter of animal rescue and adoption and have two pets snakes named Sabusa and Crowley and sweet kitty named Kasha. I am thrilled to be here on Rock 106.3 and look forward to sharing lots of great music with you!