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Leif Erickson

About me

Leif Erickson has been holding down the 3-7pm shift at Frank FM since 2005. A lifelong New Englander, he grew up in the Worcester, MA area, and decided things were better up north. He moved to New Hampshire where he would learn to use a turn signal for the first time. After getting his start in radio at Q106 in Claremont, New Hampshire, Leif was lured to Frank FM with the promise of unlimited use of the Frank FM helicopter.

After landing the helicopter somewhere between Peaks and Cushing Islands on his first day at work, the brass decided to keep him on staff anyway, so that he could eventually pay off the cost of the former Frank FM helicopter.

He is a graduate of Boston University, which means he attended the same school as Howard Stern, Bill O'Reilly and that girl from Bones. He's a huge fan of classic artists like Yes, the Moody Blues, the Beatles (especially George), the Stones, The Who, Grand Funk Railroad, R.E.M., Genesis, Santana; you get the idea. He also has a passion for more obscure bands like The Church, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Hawkwind and Bon Jovi. He is the resident music historian at Frank FM, which means he's the resident dork, too. Leif is a fan of all the Boston sports teams, most especially he is a die-hard Red Sox lifer. He also has room in his life for the pathetic Pittsburgh Pirates, for some reason. He lives in the Greater Portland area, has several feline roommates, and naturally comes to work covered in cat hair every day.

A few more Leif Erickson fun facts:

  • He bought Liv Tyler's mom a Diet Coke once
  • Outside of Maine, he is heard on dozens of radio stations coast-to-coast as a ski conditions reporter
  • He does not eat seafood of any type
  • He checks into hotel rooms and places pizza orders under the names Dr. Winston O'Boogie, Leon Strong and Jim Lahey
  • His first concert was the Moody Blues at the former Worcester Centrum
  • He flew to Michigan to go skiing once. (Who the hell does that?)
  • He did a live broadcast at a tampon factory once, and another one on a boat on a lake in New Hampshire handing out bottles of Yoohoo
  • He is the former fill-in host for the Chevy Chase Show