All the Good Sports: David Price Matches a Notorious MLB Record

It took the game’s highest-paid pitcher to equal one of baseball’s most bizarre records. More bizarre than traffic reports on TV is baseball’s record of hitting three batters in a single inning. It’s a mark that has been reached by only a chosen few, and in this case, it was Red Sox lefty David Price.

When Price plunked Kansas City’s Lucas Duda with the bases loaded to tie Saturday night’s game in the fifth inning, Sox manager Alex Cora emerged from the dugout and deprived Price of the opportunity to make baseball history and be in a class all by himself.

Perhaps Cora was simply unaware that one more errant Price pitch could have re-written the record books or maybe the manager is still holding on to the ever-diminishing hope that Price will opt out of his contract after this season to pursue greener pastures. Chances are no one will offer more “green” than the Red Sox are already committed to for Price: a whopping $127 million from 2019-22.

By the way, the previous pitcher to join the elite batter-hitting class was another Boston favorite, John Lackey.