All the Good Sports: Bring Isaiah Thomas Back to Boston!


So how come there hasn’t been more talk about this? I can’t figure it out so let me start the movement. 

Bring Isaiah Thomas back to Boston!

In his relatively short tenure with the Celtics, he became one of the most electrifying and popular athletes in Boston. Then the Kyrie Irving deal came along and due to injury, 2017-18 was pretty much a lost season for “I.T.” with Cleveland and the Lakers.

Right now, Thomas is an unrestricted free agent. He’s not going to get a max contract so for short money, by NBA standards, he could be the backup point guard to Irving and at the same time, cut down the wear-and-tear on both of them.

Remember that Thomas is just a little over a year removed from a 53-point playoff performance against Washington two weeks after his younger sister was killed in a car crash.

I know he’ll turn 30 during the upcoming season but take a chance Danny!

I still think he has great value.

Answer this question.

Who would you rather see back in a Celtics uniform, Marcus Smart or Isaiah Thomas? That’s what I thought.