These Low-to-No-Cost Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Are Sure to Please

Valentine's Day was always meant to be about love and affection, and with these gift ideas they can be about saving money too. It hasn't always been about flowers, chocolates and expensive dinners, but somewhere along the way, it's become one of those holidays where we might feel obligated to do something special for our loved one.

According to a Valentine's Day survey, most married people say they won't be going out to celebrate. 

That means the majority of married couples will give each other a little gift. Maybe a card. But, that's about it. And that's fine!

22% of people think the ideal Valentine's Day date would be dinner and a movie. While 5% would like to go skydiving. 1 in 4 single women would rather spend Valentine's Day with their pet, by the way, so if you're celebrating Singles Awareness Day instead, you can be one of the 9% of Americans that buy candy or flowers for themselves on Valentine's Day.

Here are a few of the low-to-no-cost Valentine's Day gift ideas NationalToday suggests:

  1. Create your own card
Even if you can only draw a somewhat legit looking stick-figure. Toss a heart on there somewhere . . maybe some glitter and voila!! It's the thought that counts, right?
  1. Be someone’s secret admirer
Not to sound creepy or anything, but maybe leave a note on someone's windshield. But wait! First, make sure that person is single. Okay? You don't need the drama.
  1. The Gratitude Jar
Write words of gratitude or short positive messages on small sticky note paper and put them in a mason jar. Your sweetie pie will love it!