No Water Pressure? Discolored Laundry? It Must Be Flushing Time in Concord


CONCORD —It’s that time of year again when, without warning, while taking a shower, the pressure goes way down. Concord General Serves along with Highway & Utilities Division will be flushing the water mains starting Monday at 6:30 a.m. This is done to remove sediment to maintain water quality and clarity.

When flushing occurs in your neighborhood, you may lose water pressure and experience murky water. City officials are urging customers not to wash clothes during the flushing times and to make sure to run the water cold, until it’s clear.

Here's the flushing schedule:

Monday, April 16:

  • North State Street, Rumford to Main streets to Fisherville Road
Tuesday, April 17:
  • Franklin to Center streets
  • North Main to Spring streets
  • Sewalls Falls Road, Second Street, Cardinal Ridge and Otter Street
Wednesday. April 18:
  • Main Street (center to west)
  • North State Street to South Main Street
  • West Village, Abbott Road, Bean Street, and Hobart Street Manor Area
Thursday, April 19:
  • Center to Pleasant streets
  • Highland to Washington streets
  • Jackson to Charles streets
  • Penacook to Merrimack and Rolfe streets
Friday, April 20:
  • Pleasant to Clinton streets
  • South to Spring streets
  • Franklin to Center streets
  • Liberty to Auburn streets
The complete schedule and changes are posted on the Concord General Services website.
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