Country Time's 'Legal-Ade' Team Will Fight For Your Lemonade Stand Rights

The lemonade stand is an American staple of summer time. And for some kids, their first attempt at making a quick buck.

I recall raiding the cabinets and finding a container of Country Time Lemonade, mixing it up, and selling it by the end of my driveway for 25 cents per Dixie cup.

In this PC age we live in, some innocent lemonade stands have been shut down. As strange at it may seam, some states don’t allow the sale of lemonade without the proper permit. And in some cases, local law enforcement had to be called in to put a stop to it.

In May, some kids in Denver were raising money for a local charity by way of the lemonade stand and unfortunately, had to be shut down because they didn’t have a permit.

When stories like these start making the rounds and going viral, Country Time Lemonade just launched a new website called "Country Time LEGAL Ade."

They have even created a tongue-in-cheek video saying that they'll pay to cover the cost of the fine or the permit, up to $300. All you have to do is upload a pic of your permit or fine to their site and they’ll decide if they’ll pay it for you or not.

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