Concord Native Reveals the Secret to Success in Running His 3rd Boston Marathon

Concord Native, JR Linden ran the Boston Marathon for his 3rd time today. His group was set to start just after 11am this morning and JR is running for Boston Children’s Hospital. He has raised more than $60,000 for the charity.

When it comes to the weather, JR and his friends have training for just about everything. JR say’s "he’s been in extreme heat, rain & the cold, but when it comes to the wind, it may be a bit of a challenge."

“It’s the head winds that have us concerned." JR isn't just running 26.2 miles for himself, he’s also doing it for the kids. He knows he will be going through some dark times, but they will jump on his shoulders and help him through it.

Most importantly, it’s not too late to support JR’s charity.

Listen to the JR's uplifting story below.

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