All the Good Sports: LeBron's Move to LA is Not About Winning on the Court


LeBron James’ decision to take his talents to Laguna Beach has less to do with winning basketball games than it does with building his empire, cavorting with Hollywood types and maybe, just maybe, someday playing on the same court with Lebron James Jr.

LeBron now gets to wear the uniform of the second-most storied franchise in NBA history and learn how to be a big time entrepreneur from Lakers President of Basketball Operations and Dodgers part-owner Magic Johnson, who has made a fortune as a movie theater and restaurant mogul. “The King” will also be in closer proximity to the rest of the Trump-hating Hollywood crowd to further his show business desires, and he’ll be closer to his very talented son who reportedly will play prep school basketball in L.A. on the same team with Scotty Pippen Jr.

As for the basketball part of it, the Lakers will be improved, make the playoffs and will have the fourth or fifth best record in the West. Maybe they will even get an opening round win. The bottom line is the Lakers are now more than an “also ran” while the Cleveland Cavaliers are now a 500 to 1 shot to win the NBA title.



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