Exclusive Interview With Psychic Mediums John Holland and Lauren Rainbow

Psychic Mediums John Holland and Lauren Rainbow joined Mike Pomp in the Dover studios today on News Talk 98.1 WTSN's Open Mic for an incredible morning of spirit messages.

If you ever thought you could be a medium, both Holland and Rainbow think that most people have the potential to be born that way but some have to work harder than others to reach that level to connect with spirits on the other side.

Both feel that everybody has the ability to sense and feel spirits, but to bring it to a public forum as a medium is an extension of that gift. John Holland and Lauren Rainbow will bring their gift of mediumship to the Music Hall in Portsmouth on Saturday February 10th at 7pm.

Full interview is posted below.

Mike Pomp is the host of the Morning Information Center on 98.1 WTSN

WTSN 98.1 News Talk

WTSN 98.1 News Talk

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