Downtown Dover Businesses Are Playing Bingo For Strafford CAP

Over 24 downtown Dover businesses have teamed up to support the Community Action Partnership of Strafford County with a bingo game that offers discounts on food, beer, museum admission, and services.

Strafford CAP is a non-profit that provides food assistance, education, child care, utilities assistance, transportation, housing, emergency shelter and access to other services.

"Our mission is to reduce or eliminate poverty throughout Strafford County," said Sarah Brecknock with Strafford CAP on WTSN's "Open Mic" with Dave Andreesen. " We help families facing hard times, the elderly, provide fuel assistance and assistance to the homeless population. We really try to do anything to give people a hand in their time of need."

7th Settlement Restaurant and Brewery proclaimed March "Community Action Month". "We really love what Strafford CAP does and we were brainstorming on how we can do a bigger event with them," co-owner Dave Boynton said. "This encourages you to shop local and help a great cause."

Brecknock said CAP receives federal, state, and local funding and grants, but they also rely on donations and fundraising to continue the level of services they provide to the many residents who need them.

Bingo cards can be purchased for $7.00 online or at 7th Settlement on Washington Street in Dover. Each square has a different offer from a Dover business and once you get a stamp from all the businesses, you can return the card to 7th Settlement and be entered in a drawing for a larger prize.

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