Caution to Snowmobilers, 'New Snow Can Hide Ice and Open Water'

The snowstorm that dumped over a foot and a half of fresh snow on snowmobile trails is a welcome sight to riders hoping to get one more run in before spring. But March has always been fickle to snowmobilers with warmer days and cold nights creating unsafe conditions when riding on lakes and ponds.

New Hampshire's Fish and Game Department says new snowfall can hide thin ice and open water. Colonel Kevin Jordan, a guest on 98.1 WTSN's "Open Mic" with Dave Andreesen, said snowmobilers should never venture onto frozen water unless they're confident of a safe route across the surface.

While Fish and Game doesn't official recommend any safe depths for ice, Jordan said he has his own thresholds when venturing out onto the ice based on his experience.

Jordan also reminded ice fishermen that shanties are required by state law to be removed from frozen lakes and ponds by April 1, but he said that may be too late if we get a stretch of above normal temperatures that thins out the ice.

Listen to the full interview with Colonel Jordan here.

WTSN 98.1 News Talk

WTSN 98.1 News Talk

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