30,000 Runners, Millions of Dollars and a Priceless Amount of Fun at the Boston Marathon


The Boston Marathon is the country's premier long distance running event with up to 30,000 runners participating.

The people running the 26.2 miles in the race each year, and on Monday, include many elite runners who have participated in past Olympics. Thousands run for the cash prize and many other thousands run for a variety of charities and nonprofits.

But what is the Boston Marathon's impact on the local economy?

You might be surprised. In fact, the area gets a roughly $7.67 million boost for each of the 26.2 miles in the race each year.

To look inside the numbers, Wallethub analyzed the race from start to finish and came up with some interesting Boston Marathon Factoids.

$201 million: Estimated economic impact of the 2018 Boston Marathon.

$297 million: Has been raised for Boston Marathon charities since 1986.

1.06 gallons: Of fuel is saved by running a marathon instead of covering the distance in a car.

2,600 calories: Burned by a runner in the average marathon, a bit more than in a 14-inch cheese pizza.

5,062: Qualified Boston Marathon applicants were rejected due to the field being capped at 30,000.

50-plus: Crashers manage to run the entire Boston Marathon each year.

Source: WalletHub
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