Will This New Hangover Cure That's Tested on Drunk Mice Work For Humans?

Everybody seems to have their own personal hangover remedy or at least knows someone who claims to have one.

Well, now a professor at the University of California says he has achieved a breakthrough in what could be a cure for hangovers.

Professor Yunfeng Lu, who is a chemical and biochemical engineer and also a wine enthusiast, thinks he could really be on to something here. His hangover pill is loaded with enzymes usually found in the liver, that help the body get rid of alcohol faster.

The good professor has been testing his pill on drunk mice and is very encouraged by the results so far. So much so that he should be trying it on humans in about a year.

Will it stack up against a Big Mac and a yellow Gatorade? Will your uncle stop pushing that yucky tasting concoction that he swears will cure a hangover? Only time will tell.

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