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Lose Weight, Quit Smoking with Mark Patrick Seminars

Want to lose weight? Want to stop smoking? Mark Patrick Seminars are here to help.

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Lucky Charms Makes Milk Waves With New Marshmallow

For the first time in over 10 years General Mills is removing something from your favorite cereal box.

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Woman Rips Husband For Scratch Ticket Gift, Promptly Wins $100K

Meet Cynthia Holmes of Boon, Iowa. She won $100,000 from a Valentine's Day gift.

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New Study Claims More Booze and Extra Pounds May Extend Your Life

Did you ever think you’d hear someone tell you that If you had a few more drinks and gained a few pounds it might help you live a longer life?

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Fantasy 5 at 5pm

End the work day with songs chosen by you!

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