Time to Divorce the Honeymoon Idea in Favor of Younger, Hotter 'Many-Moons'

As 'staycations' are becoming less of a last minute decision and more of the norm, it appears another growing trend is on the rise.

More and more couples that get married are skipping the one big, expensive 2-week honeymoon and are opting for smaller "manymoons."

A lot of couples want to mix things up a bit and take a few short trips instead of blowing all their money on one location. People are also finding it easier to get the time off for a few manymoons as opposed to taking two solid weeks off for one honeymoon.

For those who may want to take many trips there are great local resorts you can explore! Perhaps Wentworth by the Sea or The White Mountain Hotel and Resort is more your style. Or the Mountain View Grand Resort is more your style.

Let's face it, these days your time is tight and money is often tighter. Taking that one honeymoon and breaking it up into manymoons could be less costly than you think and it also has the potential to add many, many more honeymoon memories!


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