Did You Know Chewing Gum While Walking Increases Calorie Burn?

Japanese researchers suggest that you may be able to burn off more of those calories by walking while chewing gum.

We've all heard the "walk and chew gum at the same time joke," but did you ever think it would benefit your health?

In recent experimentation researchers said the heart rate of 46 people between the ages of 21 thru 69 increased when they were given gum to chew while walking at a natural pace.

The study also indicates that while chewing gum caused measurable differences in both genders in all age groups, men over 40 experienced the most change including increasing the distance walked, number of steps taken and the amount of energy expended. 

The study was not designed to explain the link but the team speculated it may have to do with the "cardio-locomotor synchronisation", a natural phenomenon where the heart beats in rhythm with a repetitive movement.

So the next time you hit the trail or treadmill try some gum!

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