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Two Reasons Why Americans Are Eating Less Meat

A new survey from Johns Hopkins University says Americans are consuming less meat.

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Pizza Is Really, Really Dangerous ... You've Been Warned

How many people would you guess had to go to the emergency room in 2017 for pizza related injuries?

Oh, a few here and there right? Wrong.

How about 2,300!

Some of the injuries include people cutting themselves slicing pizza, burns, falling while carrying pizza, falling in pizza places, and even falling out of bed while reaching for a slice of pizza. All this according to the U.S. Product Safety Commission. To be fair, it's not all the pizza's fault, but rather pizza's presence when the accidents happened, the Daily Mail reports

Joe Galbo from the CPSC says he "thinks the number is pretty low considering how many people eat pizza."

That's about 3 billion pizzas a year. So, that IS a lot of pizza.

Galbo adds," food related injuries in general are a good reminder that if we have more mindfulness about even the most mundane things, we'll be less accident-prone."

Right. Bon Appetit. Be careful out there.   

Fake Cop Will Drop Your Charges For Beer and Shrimp Cocktail

 Seems like a small price to pay to avoid jail!

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Possible Theft Charges in Cold (Cut) Case

If you worked at the deli counter at your local grocery store, would you shave off a slice or three of meat for yourself when no one was looking?

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Two Guys in Houston Pull Off a Brilliant McDonald's Ad Scheme

The Great McPrank - and I'm Lovin' It

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